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Hi, I'm Jason Kilborne...your Mortgage Specialist with Castle Mortgage Group. Before I started in the mortgage business, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of what mortgages were all about but I really had no idea. There is so much more to a mortgage than just interest rates and whether they are fixed or variable. The terms and conditions or "fine print" within a mortgage loan contract can greatly affect the overall cost to you, the buyer.

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  • I'll SAVE YOU MONEY by finding the right mortgage to fit your specific needs and negotiating the best deal on that mortgage on your behalf
  • I'll SAVE YOU TIME by shopping dozens of Banks, Credit Unions, Monoline and Private lenders for you to find the best deal possible
  • I'll SAVE YOU STRESS by explaining the details of your mortgage to you so that you know exactly what you're signing
  • I work FOR YOU and with YOUR BEST INTERESTS in mind...I don't have a boss or shareholders to please
  • My services are FREE in most cases.

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